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Arts and Architecture Campaign Progress

College of Arts and Architecture For the Future:

The Campaign for Penn State Students Goals by Featured Objective

Campaign Progress
Campaign Objective Goal Commitments through June 2014
Ensuring Student Opportunity
Students with the ability and ambition to attend the University will have this opportunity through scholarship support
$10,000,000 $9,546,762
Enhancing Honors Education
Students of exceptional ability will experience the best honors education in the nation
$1,000,000 $1,000,000
Enriching the Student Experience
Students will thrive in a stimulating atmosphere that fosters global involvement, community service, creative expression, and personal growth
$2,750,000 $1,919,740
Building Faculty Strength and Capacity
Students will study with the finest teachers and researchers
$11,750,000 $13,757,113
Fostering Discovery and Creativity
Students and faculty members will come together within and across disciplines to pioneer new frontiers of knowledge
$7,500,00 $5,804,952
Sustaining a Tradition of Quality
Students will continue to work and study with faculty whose scholarship is enhanced by continuing philanthropic support
$67,000,000 $74,451,788
Total Working Goal $100,000,000 $106,480,355