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Faculty & Staff Accomplishments: September 8, 2017

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The Newsline includes accomplishments submitted by faculty and staff, such as publications, presentations, grants, etc. Please submit your news to
Mark Ballora, professor of music technology, was featured in an episode of WPSU’s "SciTech Now" that aired on August 28. The initial ten-minute segment of the episode covered his work on converting data into sound, including projects done with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, as well as with Penn State meteorologist Jenni Evans, where they did sonifications of storm activity for the entire year of 2005. The episode, along with additional examples of his work, can be viewed online at
Karen Keifer-Boyd, professor of art education and women's studies
Recent publications:
Keifer-Boyd, K., Knight, W. B., & Holt, A. (2017). Living Curricula: Teaching Conversations. In L. Day, J. Hare, S. Wiebe, P. Wright, K. Dark & J. J. Guiney Yallop (Eds.), Ways of Being in Teaching (pp. 55-64). [In K. Tobin & C. Ali-Kahn, editors of "Bold Visions in Educational Research," book series founded by J. Kincheloe.] Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
Keifer-Boyd, K., & Smith-Shank, D. (2017). Born digital: Visual Culture & Gender. Visual Arts Research, 43(1), 17-35.

Grant received for 2017-18:
National Art Education Foundation grant award of $10,000 for “Fostering Upstanders to Injustice through Art Encounters.” She is PI (principal investigator) working with Wanda Knight, and Penn State alumni, Adetty PĂ©rez de Miles, Yen-Ju Lin, and Ann Holt (plus Linda Stein and Cheri Erhlich). 

Keynote presentation in August:
Keifer-Boyd, K. (2017, August 9). Keynote: Transcultural dialogue. International Society for Education through Art, Daegu, S. Korea.

Dan Willis, professor of architecture
Willis, who just began his 31st year of teaching in the Department of Architecture, was appointed Stuckeman Advanced Studies Professor, effective July 1. This is a two-year appointment, and he will use the funding to support two book projects. The first is a book about urban density as a partial solution to making human settlements more sustainable, with a particular focus on how high-rise residential buildings can be re-imagined to be more attractive to families. The second book, still in the broadest planning stages, will be an exploration of design using the thesis that “design thinking” is really two mental processes, not one. 

Related to his ADS Professor appointment, last spring Willis received an $80,000 grant from the Stuckeman School for his “big ideas” proposal to start a program called “SSUDS”: the Stuckeman Sustainable Urban Density Studios. Starting in spring of 2018, Willis will teach a 3-credit interdisciplinary seminar on urban density, and then, starting in fall 2018, a series of studios that investigate dense urban developments and high-rise buildings. The project will involve many Stuckeman School alumni, as well as Dan Jones, emeritus professor of landscape architecture.