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Beyoncé's Shout-Out Was Only the Beginning for Penn State Violinist

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Emmanuel “Manny” Houndo

For first-year Penn State student Emmanuel “Manny” Houndo, it was a pivotal moment in his life when Beyoncé shared a YouTube video of him playing her song, “Drunk in Love,” on his violin.

A social media shout-out from Beyoncé, Grammy winner and Super Bowl halftime headliner, is a big deal, particularly for a teenager in high school with a passion for music.

“At that point, I was posting music videos online purely because it was fun. A week after I posted ‘Drunk in Love,’ I got a text from my friend saying Beyoncé shared my video,” Houndo said. “I told my parents, then I looked on Facebook, and everything was going crazy. At that moment I literally watched my views skyrocket.”

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