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Integrative Arts Program

The Integrative Arts Program at University Park is a multi-disciplinary, theme-oriented, student-designed major that leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Arts. Typically, students in Integrative Arts focus their programs of study on vocational, scholarly, or creative interests in the arts that exist outside or across the boundaries of existing majors at Penn State. Integrative Arts students identify a unique theme for their degree program that may focus on a particular topic, creative path, or a unique career goal in the arts. In consultation with an adviser, students then devise an individualized academic plan that will best help them to explore and to investigate their chosen theme and to do so by combining study in two or more arts areas with explorations in other subject areas such as science, engineering, business, or communications. The Integrative Arts Program is specifically designed to encourage and to provide students with the broadest opportunities to explore unique and unexpected creative, intellectual, and vocational pathways. The Integrative Arts Program is dedicated to helping its students acquire the unique intellectual and creative tools they will need to achieve their individual career goals and creative aspirations. 

The Integrative Arts Program also provides opportunities for students to engage in career-related internships, self-directed research projects, as well as independent study courses. Such opportunities for hands-on work and research experience add extra levels of enrichment to a student’s academic program and assist the student in further defining their creative and career goals.

Each Integrative Arts student develops an individualized academic plan in consultation with an adviser. The plan identifies a core component of 36 credits organized around a clear and coherent theme. Twenty-four of these credits are focused in one arts or design area while the remaining 12 are selected from one or more other arts or design areas. At least 15 of the 36 credits must be at the 400 or equivalent level. The theme of a student’s academic plan should clearly identify an idea, topic, or issue the student wishes to explore but which is not covered in another major within the College of Arts and Architecture. The total number of credits needed to earn the Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Arts is 124.

Please follow the links below for information about how to apply to the Integrative Arts Program at University Park and the College of Arts & Architecture and to see an example of an academic plan.

For additional information, contact Dr. Janet Hartranft, Program Coordinator, at 814-865-1750 or