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All students within the College of Arts and Architecture are assigned an academic advisor.  Students new to the University are assigned an advisor before the start of their first semester.  For students changing into the college, the assignment will be updated after the change is approved.  Contact information for assigned academic advisors can be viewed in both LionPATH and Starfish student information systems.

Assigned Academic Advisor

Students are assigned a professional or faculty advisor to provide guidance and support with:

  • Course selection and planning for success
  • Answering questions about University and college, major, and general education requirements for degree completion
  • Information on opportunities relevant to your interests and goals, including education abroad, internships, organizations/clubs, and research
  • Considerations for career and post-graduation plans
  • Referrals to other campus services/offices

Students should meet/communicate with their assigned academic advisor at least once a semester.

College Advisor

The college academic advisor is available as an additional resource to support students, faculty, and staff.

Goals of the college academic advisor include:

  • Empowering students with information for academically successful decision-making
  • Helping all students transition to the college and University
  • Fostering the academic advising relationship between students and advisors
  • Promoting awareness and utilization of University resources
  • Assisting students with interpreting policies and procedures
  • Promoting opportunities for international education/experiences
  • Intervening as an additional resource for students in Academic Warning/Suspension

The college academic advisor is the coordinator of the International Arts Minor.

Academic Progress (Information on Warning/Suspension/Dismissal)

In addition to the requirements of a major, the University requires a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade-point average (CGPA) for an undergraduate degree. To ensure progress toward a degree, the University uses different academic statuses.  If you've received a notification concerning Academic Warning, Academic Suspension, Satisfactory Academic Progress, or Academic Dismissal, please visit the College of Arts and Architecture Academic Progress site.

Unit Advising Contacts

College Advisor, Arts and Architecture | 104 Borland Building | Kyrie Elizabeth Harding

Art History | 104 Borland Building | Kyrie Elizabeth Harding

Integrative Arts | 104 Borland Building | Janet Hartranft

School of Visual Arts | 210 Patterson Building | Angela Rothrock

Architecture  | 121 Stuckeman Building | Erica Quinn 

Landscape Architecture | 121 Stuckeman Building | Erica Quinn

Graphic Design | 121 Stuckeman Building | Erica Quinn

School of Music | 104 Borland Building | Margaret Higgins

School of Theatre | 104 Borland Building | Margaret Higgins