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  • Members of MOMIX stand in line front to back performing with orange tubing.
  • A female MOMIX dancer performs on stage as she touches a triceratops skeleton.
  • Members of MOMIX sit as they perform on stage wearing bronze costumes as they hold bronze feathery props in front of blue background.
  • Five members of MOMIX dance on stage using pink ruffled costumes to imitate flowers.
  • Two members of MOMIX perform in black tubing costumes in front of red background.


7:30 pm Thursday, September 12, 2013

MOMIX’s Botanica revels in the animated world of nature and its evolving beauty. A ninety-minute dance-theatre work featuring more than twenty performance pieces, Botanica follows the full cycle of seasons. The dancer-illusionists explore the qualities of earth, light, darkness, and air with the help of whimsical costumes, multimedia projections, custom-made props, and clever puppetry created by Michael Curry, who co-designed the masks and puppets for Broadway’s The Lion King. The eclectic score ranges from birdsongs to Vivaldi. The performers evoke plants, animals, and natural phenomena such as snowstorms and solar flares. Moses Pendleton, Botanica choreographer and MOMIX founder, creates supremely integrated compositions. “MOMIX deals in illusions, props, and trippy images, and Botanica has an abundance of all three,” observes a New York Times critic. “… I took a fancy to the blooming marigolds, poking their green faces and shapely bare legs out of torso-size orange hair scrunchies. I liked the woman in a Vietnamese-looking hat with beaded strands that hung around her like a birdcage before spinning up like a turbine when she whirled. A triceratops skeleton coming to life is a sight any kid would deem cool.” Beautiful and enthralling, Botanica is a perfect show for the entire family.

Eileen Leibowitz
Benson and Christine Lichtig

Adult $38
University Park Student $15
18 and Younger $28

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Audio description, which is especially helpful to patrons with sight loss, is available for this performance at no extra charge to ticket holders.

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Secondary Events on Each Event

Free Movement Workshop

1:00 pm Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Arboretum at Penn State
H. O. Smith Botanic Gardens

The Center for the Performing Arts, the Penn State Dance Program, and The Arboretum at Penn State present a free movement workshop for families to celebrate nature, explore the outdoors, and express themselves through movement. The 90-minute workshop, inspired by MOMIX’s Botanica and coinciding with National Grandparents Day, allows participants ages 3 to 10 and their families to create basic choreography under the direction of Penn State dance faculty and members of the University Dance Company. Participants can explore their relationship to nature and the outdoors, plus create costume headpieces to wear during the workshop. Participants, including parents and grandparents, should wear comfortable clothing. No prior movement or dance experience is required, and no pre-registration is needed for the free workshop. In case of inclement weather, the workshop will be cancelled.

Artistic Viewpoints

6:30 pm Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eisenhower Auditorium Conference Room

Artistic Viewpoints, an informal moderated discussion featuring MOMIX dancer and dance captain Simona Di Tucci, is offered in Eisenhower one hour before the performance and is free for ticket holders. Artistic Viewpoints regularly fills to capacity, so seating is available on a first-arrival basis.